How to Measure a Roof From the Ground?

Answer Carpenters routinely need to know the length of a roof to estimate the materials and labor required for construction or repair. A steeper roof drains snow and water more effectively but is also mor... Read More »

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How to Measure a Roof?

You may find relief in knowing there are several different methods to measuring a roof. If the roof is very steep or if you are not one for heights or climbing ladders, you can choose to measure yo... Read More »

How do you measure the pitch on a roof?

Roof pitch is measured in "rise over run". In other words, how many inches does the roof rise vertically in 12" of horizontal run. If a roof rises 4" in 12" of run, you have a 4/12 roof pitch.

How to Measure for Roof Shingles?

The roof is the top portion of your house or building. This portion of the building is supposed to keep the sun and rain out of the building. Many items such as grass thatch, corrugated metal, clay... Read More »

How do you measure the square foot of a roof top?