How to Measure a Fillet Weld?

Answer A fillet weld rests between two perpendicular pieces of metal. The fillet weld should be the size of the thinnest metal thickness coming to the weld joint. Before measuring the fillet weld, you mus... Read More »

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How to Measure a Spot Weld Nugget?

As a general criterion in resistance spot-welding, the spot weld nugget must have a diameter of 5*t^(1/2), in which "t" is the diameter of the welding sheet. For instance, spot welding two 1-mm she... Read More »

Butt Weld Vs. Socket Weld?

The butt weld and the socket weld are two different ways to weld two pieces of material together. The joint weld is specific to pipe or tubing, but there is a similar condition for flat stock.

How to Fillet a Rabbit?

Rabbit meat is lean and not complicated to cook. The meat is tasty, mildly-flavored, fine-grained and is a good source of protein. The best rabbit meat is of a fryer (young rabbit) that is no more ... Read More »

How do i fillet a red snapper?

PreparationFind a sharp relatively thin knife to use for filleting your red snapper. Place the fish on a clean cutting board. Begin by scaling the fish.Filleting the Red SnapperTake the knife and c... Read More »