How to Measure a Face With the Golden Ratio?

Answer The golden ratio (or golden mean) is a numerical constant that has been studied by scientists, mathematicians, historians and artists alike for its aesthetic appeal. Rounded to approximately 1.6, t... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Golden Ratio Face?

How beautiful you are can be scientifically calculated using the golden ratio. The golden ratio occurs in the proportions of many naturally occurring beautiful things, whether they be a man or a wa... Read More »

How to Do My Face With the Golden Symmetrical Ratio?

The golden ratio, indicated by the Greek letter phi, is an irrational mathematical constant approximately equally to 1.6180339. Two quantities are in the golden ratio if the ratio of the sum of the... Read More »

How to Use the Golden Mean Ratio in Architecture?

Since 500 BCE, the golden ratio has played an important part in the production of architecture. This ratio is found throughout nature and can be successfully transposed onto the proportioning syste... Read More »

Golden Ratio Art Projects?

The golden ratio was discovered by the ancient Greeks and it has fascinated artists ever since. If you start with a square and extend one side until you have a rectangle A x B where the ratio betwe... Read More »