How to Measure a Chevy Flex Plate?

Answer A flex plate connects to the crankshaft of an engine to the clutch of a manual transmission. For the flex plate to function correctly, it must be the correct diameter and match the bolt pattern on ... Read More »

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How to Remove a Stuck Chevy Flex Plate?

It's common for a Chevy flex plate to rust enough around the crankshaft to cause a problem in removal. There's a tool that is designed to turn the flex plate or flywheel--a spanner wrench that grip... Read More »

How to Replace a Flex Plate?

A flex-plate is used in vehicles with an automatic transmission. It is directly attached to the rear of the engine on the crankshaft. The flex-plate has a ring gear surrounding the outside circumfe... Read More »

How to Change a Flex Plate?

Although it is similar to the flywheel on manual vehicles, a flex plate is an essential component of vehicles with automatic transmission. The flex plate itself is a circular metal disc attached to... Read More »

How to Identify an AMC 360 Flex Plate?

AMC/Jeep uses flex plates as part of their gearing system for the transmissions on their V-8-equipped models. Combined with a ring gear and harmonizer, they provide a specific balance necessary for... Read More »