How to Measure Valve Stem Straightness?

Answer Valve stems are used to input or output a gas or liquid from a tire. The valve and seal connection shuts when not in use, often with a rubberized gasket or O-ring. Valve stems are found in a number... Read More »

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How to Put a Valve Stem Pin in a Tire?

A tire comes with a valve stem pin that operates to both inflate and deflate the tire. Releasing air from a tire happens when the pin is depressed. A faulty valve stem pin needs to be replaced to e... Read More »

How can i put a valve stem in a pontoon?

Unlike inflatable pontoons, aluminum pontoons like those used on party barges rely on the stiffness of the metal and its shape to achieve rigidity. When looking for leaks, it is customary to infla... Read More »

How to Change a Valve Stem?

The valve stem on a tire is a small rubber tube extending out from the rim. It has a spring-loaded metal air valve that is released by a push pin in the center. A ball-shaped end with a ring slot f... Read More »

How to Fix the Tire Valve Stem?

A tire maintains air pressure by creating a seal with the rim. The bead of the tire places substantial pressure on the lip of the rim, creating a portion of the seal. The rubber base of the valve s... Read More »