How to Measure Valve Spring Height?

Answer Valve springs are used in internal combustion engines to quickly force valves closed as the camshaft rotates. Check valve springs for wear or damage whenever you're performing maintenance on the cy... Read More »

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Tools for Checking the Height of a Valve Spring?

Determining the height of valve springs generally involves precise measurement done in the condition that the spring would undergo while under pressure. Two tools to do this procedure are the micro... Read More »

How do I measure a compression spring?

DiameterMeasure the diameter of the compression spring from the outside, and multiply it by 3.3.Multiply the ResultsAdd the number of active coils, and add 9 to it. Multiply the results of the diam... Read More »

What is the height of a twin low profile box spring?

Low profile box springs vary between that are 5" and 6".

Valve Spring Specifications?

When building an engine, or replacing worn valve train components, some of the most often overlooked yet critical items are the valve springs. Valve springs play a vital role in how well an engine ... Read More »