How to Measure Trailer Axles With Electric Brakes?

Answer There is no basic difference between a trailer axle with electric brakes and one without. Both axles take the same bearings, seals and springs. Both are equipped with a mounting flange for the bra... Read More »

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How to Add Electric Brakes to a Trailer?

One way to improve the stopping distance of a vehicle with a trailer is to install electrically controlled brakes on the trailer's hubs. These brakes receive signals from a brake controller mounted... Read More »

Troubleshooting Electric Trailer Brakes?

For electric trailer brakes to work, the trailer has to be connected to a towing vehicle that has an electric brake controller. When the driver of the towing vehicle steps on the brake, it sends a ... Read More »

How to Adjust Electric Trailer Brakes?

If you tow a large trailer, such as a car trailer, camper or an enclosed utility trailer, you will need supplemental braking in addition to your tow vehicle’s brakes to slow down and stop safely ... Read More »

How to Replace the Electric Brakes on an RV Trailer?

RV trailer brakes are almost universally electrically operated, whereby current from a brake controller fitted in the cab of the tow vehicle is conveyed by a seven-pin trailer hitch to electrically... Read More »