How to Measure OD With Calipers?

Answer In a machining environment, machinists use different types of calipers to measure ODs (outer dimensions). This is a simple process, but you must make sure that your calipers are properly calibrated... Read More »

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Are the Mach1 calipers the same as the Cobra calipers?

The Ford Mustang Mach 1 and the Ford Mustang Cobra use the same calipers. In some cases, each are identified with the model name on the calipers, but they are interchangeable.References:American Mu... Read More »

How to Measure the Waist With a Tape Measure?

Taking body measurements can be helpful for monitoring weight loss or shopping online. One place to measure is your waist, which is an area people typically enjoy seeing shrink due to weight-loss e... Read More »

How to Use Calipers?

Calipers can measure a distance or length much more accurately than a ruler or tape measure. To get the most out of calipers, it helps to use them correctly.

How to Paint Calipers Red?

Do you ever find yourself admiring the bright red calipers on a sports car as you sit beside one at an intersection? The brightly colored calipers on several types of sports car easily catch the ey... Read More »