How to Measure Length of 1993 Bayliner Boat?

Answer There are times when you need to know the dimensions of your boat. You may be shopping for a boat cover, looking into how large to make a boat shelter, or determining if you can fit into a space at... Read More »

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The US Coast Guard requires certain equipment be carried onboard a vessel based on the vessel's length How must an operator measure the length of their vessel?

From the outside of the bow to the outside of the stern

How do i measure hem length?

Determining Hem LengthWhether you need to hem a sleeve, coat, or a pair of trousers, the first thing you will need to do is to determine where you want the hem to stop. For example, if you are work... Read More »

What do we use to measure length?

Length is the size of an object's greatest dimension. Length can be measured by a number of instruments; however, the ruler is used to measure lengths shorter than 12 inches. A yardstick is used to... Read More »

How do i measure length&width?

Determine LengthLine up the edge of your ruler with the length of the shape you are measuring. Align the 0 number, or beginning of the ruler, with the starting edge of the length. Look down the len... Read More »