How to Measure If Your Torso or Legs Are Longer?

Answer You may be familiar with the common categories used to describe body shapes such as "apple," "cone," "ruler" or "hourglass." However knowing your "vertical body type" is also beneficial. Vertical b... Read More »

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How Can I Make My Torso Longer?

A long, lean torso can convey sensual command and confidence. Conversely, people who aren't satisfied with their shorter trunks may feel anxious about their frames' lack of length. Torso appearance... Read More »

How to Measure the Torso?

Contrary to what some would assume, torso size is not dependent on height. It also has little to do with your weight. Short people can have long torsos and vice versa, which is why it's important t... Read More »

How to Measure Your Torso to Fit Your Backpack?

Next time you go shopping for a hiking backpack, print off this how-to and slip it into your wallet to help you ensure a perfect fit.

How do I measure human torso length?

Measuring Torso LengthHold the end of a tape measure to the spot on the back where the shoulders meet the neck. You can also hold it in the front, at the base of the throat, level with the shoulder... Read More »