How to Measure Gold Chain Length?

Answer If you are interested in buying gold jewelry but are unsure of the length you need, you will need to measure the length to get it right. It is easy to get the right length. Using a tape measure or ... Read More »

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The US Coast Guard requires certain equipment be carried onboard a vessel based on the vessel's length How must an operator measure the length of their vessel?

From the outside of the bow to the outside of the stern

How do I determine the length of chain for a chainsaw?

Count the Drive LinksCount the number of drive links on the chain. The drive links run across the slot in the bar and are on the inner circle of the chain. This number tells you the length of the c... Read More »

What is the average length of a property chain?

No, The lease that is in place when the property ownership changes hands stays for its time period. all conditions and terms do not change

What does 585 on a gold chain mean?

The number 585 on a gold chain means that 58.5 percent of it is made up of gold. 585 is also known as 14-carat gold. Gold content ranges from 9 to 24 carat. 24-carat is pure gold with no other meta... Read More »