How to Measure Futons?

Answer A well-fitting futon cover protects the mattress, while looking as neat and closely-fitted as a custom sofa cover. A futon sags and stretches over time, so measuring isn't an exact science, but you... Read More »

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What invented futons?

Answer They were developed in Japan over the last centuries

Why are futons so ******* awesome?

I don't own a futon, so I'm going to fantasize about the perfect one:-Grown at Walmart and poor kid friendly-Glossy pleather, for the elegant look, but not sticky to the backs of your legs-Black in... Read More »

Where can I buy cheap futons?

try larkos. its got great stuff for super cheap. its in breakwater.

Are futons good to sleep on?

On One Hand: Beware Cheap MattressesFuton mattresses are much thinner than regular mattresses, so a poor-quality one can be very uncomfortable. Sleeping on a low-quality futon can give you neck and... Read More »