How to Measure Foot-Pounds of Torque?

Answer Learning how to use a torque wrench tool is essential to making most auto repairs on your car, as well as other types of household repairs. The torque wrench measures how much torque is applied to ... Read More »

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How to Convert Gross Torque Power Foot-Pounds to Horsepower?

Torque is the product of a force and the distance from a pivot point about which an object rotates. Horsepower is a measure of work done over time. To convert torque to horsepower you must specify ... Read More »

How to Convert Inch-Pounds to Foot-Pounds?

Torque is a combination of perpendicular distance and force that rotates an object. In a simple example, using a wrench to turn a wing nut applies torque to the nut, which tightens or loosens the n... Read More »

Tools to Measure Torque?

Torque is the amount of force around an axis, such as the amount of twisting force applied to a bolt or screw as it is tightened. Too much force applied to tighten a fastener will cause the fastene... Read More »

How to Measure a Torque Converter?

A torque converter mates an automatic transmission to the engine. It is a fluid coupling that can transfer rotating power from the engine to the transmission. It has the same role as the clutch in ... Read More »