How to Measure Fill Dirt?

Answer Ordering the right amount of fill dirt for your project can be confusing if you're not used to calculating cubic yards, the standard unit of measurement used by landscaping, excavation and hauling ... Read More »

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What is fill dirt used for?

Fill dirt is used to raise the ground level so building can take place when constructing a building. Fill dirt is not used to create a lawn or garden. Unlike topsoil, it does not have the nutrients... Read More »

What Is Fill Dirt?

Fill dirt describes earth that is used to fill in voids and depressions in the ground. It is also used to create mounds or otherwise change the topography or landscape. Fill dirt is acquired offsit... Read More »

What Is Clean Fill Dirt?

Clean fill dirt can be used for many landscaping applications. Fill dirt can be soil, gravel, sand or clay. In some cases, it can even be the remains from building demolition like brick or concrete... Read More »

How do you sell fill dirt?

Answer check local papers for top soil for sale to find out price to ask. then put sign in yard or on local bulletin board and sit back and wait. should'nt take long to sell it. most places top soi... Read More »