How to Measure Dana Backing Plates?

Answer You can replace the backing plate on older Corvettes, Thunderbirds and Jeeps with a Dana backing plate. Dana backing plates are made for vehicles with Dana axles. These backing plates hold the brak... Read More »

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How to Hide Disc Brakes With Backing Plates?

Concealing the disc brakes with the use of a backing plate or, more correctly, a disc brake dust cover, keeps the asbestos dust from collecting on the wheels. These covers are not expensive, althou... Read More »

How to Lubricate Backing Plates in Rear Brakes of 2003 Caravans?

No matter how well you maintain the exterior of your Dodge Caravan, perception is reality --- and if your Caravan lets out a shrill squeal every time you apply the brakes, anyone within earshot wil... Read More »

How Do I Measure Pie Plates?

Pie recipes call for specific pie plate sizes because the filling might need room to expand while cooking, and it must fill enough of the pie plate to look like a well-made pie. If you have several... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Foam Backing & Insulated Backing on Drapes?

Drapes are fabric window treatments that are lined and are hung on a drapery rod, opening and closing horizontally. The weight and type of lining affects the light-blocking and heat-transfer inhibi... Read More »