How to Measure Alternator Output?

Answer Alternators replaced generators in cars many years ago. They are robust, produce more electricity and are generally maintenance-free. An alternator is so named as it produces alternating current, t... Read More »

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How to Measure BTU Output?

BTU stands for British Thermal Units, a means of measuring heat and energy. One BTU equals the amount of energy required to heat one pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. The BTU output measures h... Read More »

How to Calculate Alternator Output?

Alternators are reliable, efficient devices that produce electricity to power the electrical components in your vehicle. The name is derived from the term "alternating current," as this is the type... Read More »

How to Check Alternator Output?

The alternator in your car or truck is an essential part of your vehicle's engine. Without a working alternator, the battery would run out of power and you would soon find yourself stranded. Rather... Read More »

How to Check Alternator Amp Output?

The correct ampere output from your alternator is important as amperes are the current that powers the electrical items in your car. Items such as heater-fans, wipers and headlights use high ampere... Read More »