How to Massage a Clavicle?

Answer The clavicle, also known as the collar bone, can become fatigued or sore from strenuous activities such as lifting or pushing. A clavicle massage can help ease the pain or just provide stress-relie... Read More »

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What to do with a fractured clavicle?

Unless it has punctured the skin (which occurs in a very small amount of cases), the best thing to do - or rather, have one's doctors do, as a fractured clavicle would require a visit to the hospit... Read More »

What is a figure eight clavicle strap?

Making a cast to cover the upper body is impractical; instead using a strap to support the shoulder area is the best way to heal an injury to the area. A figure eight clavicle strap is made of ligh... Read More »

How to Treat a Clavicle Fracture?

Clavicle fracture is a common fracture in the collarbone also known as clavicle . Unlike in other bones , it is easy to feel the clavicle because most part of the bone is covered by skin and not mu... Read More »

I broke my clavicle or collar bone..?

I broke my clavicle skateboarding the 2nd week of summer last year and they gav me a sling as well. They do that though, because you can't exactly get a cast on your collarbone.But! You need to hav... Read More »