How to Manually Solve Square Roots?

Answer Of all the math problems that can be solved manually, square roots can seem the most problematic. Figuring out the number which, multiplied by itself equals a number, can be quite easy if you follo... Read More »

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How to Manually Calculate Square Roots?

There are various methods, with varying levels of complexity, for calculating the square root manually. One method was discovered by the ancient Greek mathematician Heron of Alexandria, who lived a... Read More »

How to Solve Multiple Square Roots?

The square root of a number is an integer which, when multiplied by itself, results in that number. For example, the square root of nine is three because three multiplied by three equals nine. If y... Read More »

How to Solve Quadratics by Square Roots?

Quadratics -- equations with binomials -- arise in many practical applications. There are three standard ways to solve quadratics: by factoring, by using the quadratic formulas and by completing th... Read More »

How to Solve by Extracting Roots?

Polynomial equations of the second degree (also known as quadratic equations) can be awfully difficult to solve. Sometimes you have to reduce and factor them, while other times you're forced to use... Read More »