How to Manually Replace My Dash's Light Bulbs?

Answer The dash lights in your vehicle are used to provide vital information needed when taking your vehicle out on the road. If any of these bulbs become damaged, you should look to remove the instrument... Read More »

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How to Replace Fog Light Bulbs?

Safety is paramount when driving in hazardous weather such as fog, heavy rain and snow. Most drivers rely on their fog lights while driving in these inclement conditions. These lights, which cast a... Read More »

What are the disadvantages of compact fluorescent light bulbs over incandescent light bulbs?

Perhaps the greatest disadvantage is the issue of disposing of the fluorescent bulbs after they burn out. The fluorescent bulbs contain a small amount of mercury vapor so dumping them in a landfill... Read More »

How to Replace New Beetle Fog Light Bulbs?

The new Volkswagen Beetle is a hip, fun-to-drive car that looks similar to the original VW Beetle (or Bug) that was its inspiration. The new Beetle is front-engined rather than rear-engined like th... Read More »

How to Replace Light Bulbs in a Dashboard?

You may need to replace light bulbs in a dashboard for a variety of reasons. Light bulbs can simply burn out, or maybe you want to "dress" your lighting with some of the new LED bulbs available on ... Read More »