How to Manually Light a Gas Fireplace?

Answer Manually lighting a gas fireplace is a job that you can do in just a few minutes. Occasionally, the pilot light will go out because of a disruption in the gas supply or due to a faulty pilot light.... Read More »

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How do I manually light a gas fireplace?

Locate the Gas Control ValveFind the gas control valve, which is usually located behind an access panel behind the louvers, or it is sometimes attached to the gas log set. If you are having difficu... Read More »

Why will my Electric fireplace will not turn on manually or with remote?

well, since its electric it might have had a fusebecause mey be the remote cell have got a weak power in the battery try new cells

How to Manually Light a Gas Oven?

Manually lighting a pilot light on a gas oven should take just a few minutes. Occasionally, you may have to manually light the pilot light because of an interruption in gas service or faulty parts.... Read More »

How to Manually Light an Oil Burnham Boiler?

Today, most boilers are lit through the power grid or through automatic gas power. However, in emergency situations, it is important to know how to manually power these devices. Burnham Boilers are... Read More »