How to Manually Error-Test My Ford Truck?

Answer Not all Ford trucks can be manually error-tested. After 1996, the second generation of On-Board Diagnostics became standardized for all car and light trucks. Accessing the OBD-II system requires di... Read More »

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How to Manually Error Test My 1990 Ford Truck?

A 1990 Ford truck predates standardized On-Board Diagnostics by six years. The truck employs Ford's Electronic Engine Control (fourth version) for engine related error codes. To access the system, ... Read More »

How to Test Fuel Pressure in a Ford Truck?

There are only a few factors that can cause low fuel pressure in a Ford truck. Diagnosing whether your vehicle is putting out enough fuel pressure is a relatively simple task. Testing the fuel pres... Read More »

How to Test an EGR Vacuum Regulator on a Ford Truck?

The EGR vacuum regulator on a Ford truck is a part of the emissions system. This valve takes some of the exhaust gases created by the engine and recirculates them into the intake manifold, thereby ... Read More »

How to Read and Manually Check Engine Codes on a Dodge 3500 Truck?

Reading and checking engine codes on your Dodge 3500 truck requires a special tool called an ODB scan tool. The Dodge 3500 uses an on-board diagnostic computer to generate and store error codes gen... Read More »