How to Manually Calculate Car Payments?

Answer Today is the day that you have finally purchased that new car that you always wanted. You headed to the dealership to nail down the terms of the contract, secure the financing and pick up your new ... Read More »

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How do I manually calculate mortgage payments?

The FormulaUse the monthly mortgage payments formula to calculate your mortgage payment. P = L ( c( 1 + c) ^ n) / ((1 + c) ^ n) - 1). P is the monthly payment, L is the loan amount, c is your inter... Read More »

How to Calculate Loan Payments Manually?

When you take out a loan, monthly payments are set so you pay the same amount each month over the life of the loan. Each monthly payment is divided between paying the interest charges on the loan a... Read More »

How to Calculate APR Manually?

Annual percentage rate (APR) is the real cost of funds during the year. While credit card companies give an interest rate, the interest rate does not account for compounding. By accounting for comp... Read More »

How to Calculate Payroll Manually?

Some employers use payroll software to process their payroll. Payroll software processes the payroll quicker than the manual method and involves less calculation. But if your workforce is small, yo... Read More »