How to Manage a Secured Loan?

Answer For anyone who needs additional money and is looking for a loan from a conventional lender, knowing more about types of loans is an important part of getting the best loan agreements and profiting ... Read More »

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Is a car loan considered a secured loan?

Yes, a car loan is typically considered a secured loan because the value of the vehicle is used to guarantee repayment of the loan. If the borrower stops making payments, the borrower can take or r... Read More »

Is a secured loan right for you?

On One Hand: Secured Loans are Easier to ObtainSecured loans offer the lending agency some type of collateral in case the borrower cannot repay the loan. One popular type of secured loan is the hom... Read More »

How much can i borrow with a secured loan?

On One Hand: Collateral Value Determines Loan AmountsThe amount of a secured loan will be limited by the value of the property being offered as collateral. The more that an asset is worth, the more... Read More »

Can I Get a Secured Loan If I Have a Chapter 13?

Filing for bankruptcy protection doesn't mean you'll never get credit again. Although your credit score can go down by 100 points after bankruptcy, you can still take out an auto loan, a mortgage o... Read More »