How to Manage Assessment for Learning?

Answer Assessment for learning is critical in any area of instruction because it provides immediate and corrective feedback to students and assists educators when developing lesson plans or preparing to r... Read More »

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What is assessment of learning?

In the classroom context, assessment of learning refers to evaluating student learning or understanding of what is being taught in the classroom. Assessment takes various forms and take place at th... Read More »

How to Find an Assessment for Learning?

Throughout their scholastic careers, students undergo assessments in order for schools to evaluate and understand their academic progress. Many forms of assessments exist. They range from complex p... Read More »

Assessment of Learning Styles?

Educators have focused much attention in recent years on student learning styles, or profiles, and have identified three basic types: auditory, visual and kinesthetic. According to Carol Tomlinson,... Read More »

Needs Assessment on Learning Styles?

Training adults requires understanding that people learn in different ways. A training needs assessment on learning styles looks at the types of learning styles of adult learners and how to create ... Read More »