How to: Makeup From the Sixties?

Answer The makeup look in the 1960s stayed constant throughout the decade, from the conservative early years to hippie culture in the late '60s. The simple, modern style of dark eyes and pale lips became ... Read More »

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Makeup Styles From the Sixties?

During the 1960s, many facets of American culture underwent a dramatic transformation. While fashion and style trends may not have the historical significance of political and social changes of the... Read More »

Sixties Makeup Ideas?

Fashion your makeup techniques after the infamous '60s icons such as Twiggy, Marilyn Monroe and Elisabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. The common theme among every beauty in the '60s was dramatic and bold ... Read More »

How to Apply Sixties Eye Makeup?

The eye makeup of the sixties was dramatic, with brightly colored eye shadows, dark eyeliner and layers of mascara. This look was paired with clean, pale lips and skin, allowing the eyes to be the ... Read More »

How to Choose Makeup if You're in Your Sixties?

In your sixties you'll be dealing with dry skin, and you may also find that your eyebrows and eyelashes are beginning to thin. Apart from selecting products which hydrate your skin, the most import... Read More »