How to Make the Skin Lighter on My Dark Body?

Answer Many people associate tan skin with a health and vitality. Tanning actually can cause irreparable damage to the skin, and too much sun or self tanning cream can cause a skin to look orange, rough a... Read More »

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How Can Dark-Skinned People Make Their Skin Lighter?

Skin color is a personal and often volatile subject. Many lighter-skinned people pay money to tan or even risk skin damage through prolonged sun exposure to turn their complexion darker. And the sa... Read More »

How to Get Lighter Skin If You're Dark?

If you have dark spots or uneven color tones, you can try to correct the problem by lightening your skin. Those aren't the only reasons people lighten their skin, of course. Just as people like to ... Read More »

How to Make New Dark Growth Lighter?

A trip back to the salon isn't necessarily in order when it comes to covering up new growth. Because it's not an intricate, or particularly involved dye job, you may very well be able to remedy the... Read More »

How to make a dark room lighter...?

Keep to white ceilings and woodwork. On the walls put creams, beige or pale lemons. I wouldnt use candles as this will end up marking the ceilings.