How to Make the Outside of My Car Look Like It Came Out of a Showroom?

Answer Car exteriors take substantial abuse on the road and even when they're just parked in the driveway. Bird droppings, pollen, road tar and paint, caustic bugs and the weather are all elements that co... Read More »

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How to Be a Showroom Manager?

Showroom managers have a lot of responsibility. You must possess certain business and people skills to be successful. Just like any other job there are requirements and qualifications you must meet... Read More »

How to Clean a Showroom Car?

When cleaning a showroom car it is important to understand why it must be clean. A clean car in a showroom will give a good first impression to passers-by and potential buyers. Cleaning the car als... Read More »

How Do I Get a Showroom Finish on My Car's Body?

Keeping a car in the best condition possible is beneficial for your own personal style and for the car's presentation when it is time to sell it. You can get a clean finish on the car, so that it h... Read More »