How to Make the Most out of a Less Than Ideal Job?

Answer Most people, at some point in their lives, will accept jobs that are “less-than-ideal”. Financial burdens, limited work experience, language setbacks, or just bad timing, finding that perfect j... Read More »

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List of Four Properties of Water That Make It an Ideal Medium for Biochemical Reactions?

Water covers two-third's of the earth's surface. It is essential for the biochemical reactions that enable life. Four properties of water that make it an ideal medium for these biochemical reactio... Read More »

What is my ideal weight?

If you were 125 at the beginning of the year and you haven't grown much, then that's your ideal weight. Being skinny while being very voluptuous...maybe 115?

How to Be the Ideal Girl?

Ever looked at that gorgeous, poised, smiling girl, and wondered, 'How do they do it?'Well, here is a step by step guide to be one of them!

Your ideal iPod would be...?

Mine would be like the iPod Touch, except with less glitches (for example, how when you're trying to make on-the-go list and the screen sometimes goes black and returns to the menu; also, how depen... Read More »