How to Make the Enemy Spies Go Away on Poptropica?

Answer "Poptropica" is an online game created by the Family Education Network for children ages 6 to 15. The game allows players to travel to different islands, where they can participate a series of chal... Read More »

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How to Detect Enemy Spies in Team Fortress 2?

Spy is arguably one of the most difficult classes to play in Team Fortress 2, but a skilled spy can wreak havoc upon an opposing team, often going undetected as they back stab everyone in sight. Ho... Read More »

How to Make a Friend Like You when Your Enemy Keeps Taking Them Away?

How to make a Friend Like you When Your Enemy keeps taking them away

Do CIA spies get to tell their family that they are spies?

no they dont because even though they are family they might reveal that you work for the CIA

How to Make a Team of Spies?

When you have tried everything to be a spy, and your ready to give up, don't!!! Why should you have to be a single spy... When you could have a team of spies?!?!