How to Make the Apples in a Fake Pie Candle?

Answer Apple pie candles are fragrant, decorative candles made to look like a whole apple pie or pie slice. Since real sliced apples can rot once the wax burns off, candle makers typically make apple-slic... Read More »

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How to Make a Taper Candle Into a Primitive Candle?

Charming primitive candles can give your home a unique decorative touch when displayed in your country-themed home. These candles have the look of homemade, rustic candles, with a rough, messy text... Read More »

So i bought a New samsung lcd...and it looks soo fake. Is there a setting to make the screen not look so fake?

samsung exagerates it's contrast to make up for cheap,poor qualityprocessors. Return it and get a different brand.

How to Make Fake Braces or a Fake Retainer?

POTENTIAL COPYRIGHT VIOLATION DETECTED BY BOTA bot thinks this content has been previously published on websites other than wikiHow. Since a decision was made by a computer, it possible that it is ... Read More »

Will fake lenses and lashes make me look too fake?

yeah i guess u r going to look a bit fake! N guess that they will be complimenting your make-up