How to Make an Yarn Ball for Cats?

Answer Few things in life that are more enjoyable than watching a pet play, and cats, for all their grandeur and "attitude," rank near the top of the list. How many laughs have we gotten by scratching the... Read More »

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How to Add a New Ball of Yarn?

Very few crochet or knitting projects use only one color, requiring the maker to add a new color and change balls of yarn. Even if the project contains a single color, a single ball of yarn isn't e... Read More »

How to Start a Ball of Yarn?

Many yarns come in skeins or hanks and some upscale handmade yarns come in twisted bunches, but all of them can be made easier to use by winding the yarn into a ball before you begin to knit or cro... Read More »

How to Wind a Yarn Ball?

Do you have a skein of yarn that has morphed into an unrecognizable mass? Perhaps you have some "colored spaghetti" hanging out in your project room or box? Or maybe you've just come across your to... Read More »

How to Roll Yarn Into a Ball?

How to roll yarn into a Ball in 6 easy steps, so that it looks neat, professional and won't get tangled.