How to Make an Ugly Dress Look Beautiful?

Answer Poor fit, oversize or unusual embellishments, or an unfortunate color can make an otherwise "okay" dress downright ugly. You may have a hideous dress in your closet that you inherited as a hand-me-... Read More »

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How to Make an Ugly Dress Pretty?

If someone has given you an ugly dress that you can't return, or if you got a good deal on one at a thrift store, you can alter the appearance of it to make it more attractive. Changing the length,... Read More »

Do you ever feel really ugly sometimes and sometimes beautiful.?

I have days that I feel that I'm too ugly to leave the house and days in which I look in the mirror and think that I'm sooooooo beautiful. The former usually happens most. The latter, not so much.I... Read More »

Why is it that sometimes the most beautiful women seem ugly?

perfection can become very boring sometimes. they could be very beautiful, but they must suck at something, not necessarily stupid, you rarely see someone so good looking and deep at the same time.... Read More »

Who or what is setting the standard of what is beautiful or what is ugly?