How to Make an Image of an NTFS Drive in Linux?

Answer The NT File System is an organization for data and metadata on storage devices, created by Microsoft. Originally, NTFS was only supported by various versions of the Windows operating system; later,... Read More »

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How to Check a NTFS Partition on Linux?

NTFS is the default file system for any Windows distribution from Windows NT to Windows 7. While Linux usually uses different file systems, it does provide tools for interfacing with NTFS volumes, ... Read More »

Can you use a Linux defragmenter for NTFS volumes?

On One Hand: You Can't Defragment NTFS Volumes in LinuxThere is no regular defragmenter program under Linux as of April 2010, since Linux file systems do not require regular defragmentation. As su... Read More »

How to Mount an NTFS File System in Linux?

New Technology File System, or NTFS for short, is the part of the operating system that names, stores and retrieves data within a volume. The NTFS system can be equated to a physical library--a pl... Read More »

How to Recover Deleted Files From NTFS in Linux?

It can be very frustrating to accidentally delete a file. Fortunately, when you delete a file, the information is not moved anywhere else; the computer is simply given permission to put new informa... Read More »