How to Make an External CD ROM Drive?

Answer An external CD-ROM drive allows your computer to run at a cooler temperature and also frees up any dedicated RAM the internal CD-ROM drive constantly accesses. When an internal CD-ROM drive is oper... Read More »

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New external hard drive. How do I make the external my default hard drive?

Unfortunately Windows will always see an external drive as a removable drive and won't let you make it your default. However you can do certain things to make more room like move your internet cac... Read More »

Can i make my external hard drive wireless?

Yes, I have this setup at my house and it is really great. Even better, I can access the external hard drive from every computer in the house. I have a wireless router to network all the PCs in the... Read More »

How do you make the External Hard Drive the 'slave'?

you can never make an external hard drive a slave, as it uses USB. USB drives are not recognized the same as regular hard drives, because they are outside the box so to speak.when you install softw... Read More »

How can I make a Wan or a Vpn or something similar so a friend and I can share an external hard drive?

Windows XP allows you to create a vpn connection between two computers.Open the Network Properties by going to Start-->Settings-->Network Connections.Then start the "new network connection" wizard.... Read More »