How to Make an Egyptian Loom?

Answer Egyptian women mastered the art of weaving by using horizontal looms made of wood, thread and rope. In the tomb of Chnem-hotep are pictures of women in the process of making textile with Egyptian l... Read More »

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How to Make a Loom Similar to a Butterfly Loom?

With a Butterfly Loom, yarn crafters can create beautiful and intricate afghans, scarves and more, but they don't do it by knitting or crocheting. A Butterfly Loom uses techniques similar to macram... Read More »

How to Weave on a Square Lap Loom & the Hexagon Lap Loom?

Learn how to weave on a square or hexagon lap loom to create fabric shapes. This is a simple yet versatile form of weaving which creates a fabric that resembles a waffle weave. This is a two-part ... Read More »

How to Make a Hat with a Knitting Loom?

If you're having trouble with knitting needles, or just want to learn a new knitting technique, a round knitting loom is a very easy way to make a knit hat. Give it a try! Click any photo to enlarg... Read More »

How to Make an I-Cord on a Loom?

Even non-knitters are familiar with I-cord--take a look at your shoelaces. I-cord is a tube of knitted stitches sealed at both ends. It can be stuffed with thin batting to make a stiff string (like... Read More »