How to Make an Edible Volcano That Does Not Explode?

Answer When you want an edible volcano without the mess of a volcanic explosion, create a delicious volcano cake topped with fiery decorations. Kids will adore a volcano cake for volcano- or dinosaur-them... Read More »

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How to Make a Model of a Volcano Explode?

An exploding model volcano creates a dramatic science project or home learning activity. The explosion, called a volcanic eruption, comes from pressurized gasses within the volcano. The build-up of... Read More »

Why does mentos make coke explode?

Take a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke, drop in a bunch of Mentos mint candies, and watch the bottle erupt. The key to this experiment lies in physics.CarbonationSoft drinks get their fizz from compres... Read More »

What was a volcano that erupted that starts with a V in the US?

The National Guard is a military organization and the members are expected to train and serve as Military persons in times of crisis's.Currently there are many thousand US national guard servicemen... Read More »

If you use iPhone for one month is true that explode?