How to Make an Aquarium Nail?

Answer The world of acrylic nails offers a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors. Not only that, your decoration options are limitless: You can glue two acrylic nails together to make a hollow center to ... Read More »

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How to Make a Nail Applique Contour to Your Nail?

Nail appliques are strips of dried nail polish that can be applied to fingernails for an easy at-home manicure. The appliques, which fully cover the nail, come in a variety of colors and prints. Ap... Read More »

How to Make an Aquarium?

An example of a home made aquariumBuilding your own tank is a worthwhile, cost saving, and interesting activity. It requires only some essential tools and a good sheet of glass or plastic: the othe... Read More »

How to Make a CO2 Reactor for an Aquarium?

Planted aquariums thrive with the addition of Co2. However, store bought Co2 systems can cost upwards of $200. A simpler way is to make it your self. Read the article below to find out how.

How to Make a Shrimp Aquarium?

Keeping freshwater shrimp is popular among aquarists,especially those in the planted tank hobby. Freshwater shrimp are hardy,make excellent scavengers on the tank bottom, and they can live in small... Read More »