How to Make an Ancient Box in "MouseHunt"?

Answer The Ancient Box Trap is a Forgotten-type trap in "MouseHunt." It is the best trap in the game for catching the elusive Acolyte Mouse, but it is also difficult to obtain because you need to collect ... Read More »

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How to Report Botting in "Mousehunt"?

"Mousehunt" is a Facebook application that takes some patience. A player sounds the horn to hunt mice, and players can turn the items the mice drop into better items. The problem is that you need t... Read More »

Can you play MouseHunt on an iPod?

You can play the MouseHunt Facebook game on an iPod that has a wireless Internet connection. To do so, open your iPod Safari browser and log into your Facebook account. Then go to the webpage http:... Read More »

How to Craft Magic Essence in "MouseHunt"?

Magic Essence is extracted from Super Brie in the game "MouseHunt." You can add it to some cheese recipes, such as the Checkmate cheese recipe, to increase the cheese yielded from the ingredients. ... Read More »

How Do I Craft White Cheddar in "MouseHunt"?

White Cheddar is a type of bait in the video game, "MouseHunt," that does not attract the most common mice to your trap. When White Cheddar cheese is armed, White, Brown and Gray mice will not come... Read More »