How to Make an Airtube for a Fish Tank?

Answer Making an airtube properly for a fish tank can make the difference between dead fish floating at the top of the aquarium and living fish. By installing an airtube and air pump, fish get the necessa... Read More »

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How to Make a Sump For a Fish Tank?

Saltwater aquariums and saltwater filtration systems can be hard to maintain. However, If you have more than one saltwater fish tank you can keep both aquariums clean using a sump system. A sump sy... Read More »

How to Make My Fish Tank Girly?

Creating a girly fish tank environment is all about the accessories. Decorating recommendations are typically geared toward freshwater tanks, as items such as substrate in a saltwater tank serve a ... Read More »

How to Make a Fish Tank Light?

Aquarium lights generally entail using metal halide bulbs. These bulbs simulate sunlight for the fish in your tank. Realistically you can use any kind of light you want. Fluorescent and metal ha... Read More »

How to Make a Fish Holding Tank for a Boat?

Fish holding tanks are required for any fisherman that wants to preserve their catch alive until he gets home. They are also suitable for holding live bait. The tanks do not need filtration systems... Read More »