How to Make an Aftermarket Solenoid Work With a Starter?

Answer A vehicle solenoid functions as a heavy-duty switch that receives a voltage signal from the ignition key and bridges that electricity to the starter motor. A starter solenoid endures a lot of heat ... Read More »

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How Does a Starter Solenoid Work?

Most students hate writing essays and don't begin working on them until the night before they're due. Faced with an impending deadline, a few are tempted to cut ethical corners. Indeed, a 2005 repo... Read More »

How Does a 12-Volt Solenoid Starter Work?

In early automotive history, engines were started by hand. A crank was inserted into the front of the engine and turned by hand to spin the engine. An engine backfire could cause the crank to rever... Read More »

How to Jump a Starter With a Bad Solenoid?

You jump in your car, twist the ignition key and nothing happens. That unexpected silence may indicate the failure of your solenoid, one of the primary starting system components. The solenoid is ... Read More »

Problems With a Starter Motor's Solenoid?

In order to start an engine, it needs to have an electrical current to in order for it to start. The start provides this necessary electrical current and consists of a solenoid which is connected d... Read More »