How to Make an Abbreviation Plural Using an Apostrophe?

Answer There is mixed response to using an apostrophe to pluralize abbreviations. Some grammar books and guides suggest that you should never use an apostrophe to pluralize a word, while others deem such ... Read More »

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Do plural last names require an apostrophe?

Place an apostrophe in a plural last name only if you wish to indicate possession. For example, the sentence "The Smiths live on Walnut Street," requires no apostrophe. But in the sentence "The Smi... Read More »

Does an apostrophe go after the word its to make it possessive?

The word "its" belongs to a group known as possessive pronouns, along with "his," "hers," "yours" and several other pronouns. The Purdue University Online Writing Lab reports that "its" represents... Read More »

How to Make Something Plural With Apostrophes?

Whether you are composing a report for school or work, a cover letter for a job application or the next brilliant novel, writing with proper grammar should not be ignored. One grammatical area that... Read More »

How to Make a Noun Plural?

Trying to teach someone, especially a young child, how to pluralize a noun can be very confusing. There isn’t just one simple rule to follow when making a noun plural, one must work on a case-by-... Read More »