How to Make a Working Model of a Cup Anemometer?

Answer Professional meteorologists use anemometers to measure the speed of wind. This allows them to predict hurricanes, tornadoes and other wind-related dangers. Professional anemometers are expensive, b... Read More »

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How to Make a Working Model of an Electromagnet?

Electromagnets are interesting tools. They are magnets created by electricity that can be turned off when not needed. Electromagnets, no matter how large you build them, are made out of a few simpl... Read More »

How to Make an Anemometer?

An anemometer is a tool made to measure the speed of wind. This anemometer should take 15-30 minutes to make. There are many different types from basic homemade ones like the one we teach you to ma... Read More »

Interesting Ways to Make an Anemometer?

Anemometers measure the direction and speed of wind. Airports and space agencies such as NASA use complex electronic anemometers to aid in determining the suitability of wind conditions for takeoff... Read More »

Model train not working, need help.?

Check that the motor brushes are in place AND CLEAN and that the motor hasn't seized