How to Make a Woofer Case?

Answer After paying loads of money for a nice woofer, nobody wants to spend even more on a case. In this article, we will discuss an easy way to build your own. Though the task might seem complicated, it'... Read More »

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I measured my home woofer driver and its 8.5 inches so does that mean i replace it with a 8 inch woofer?

There is no set standard on this. Normally you can find the dimensions in the specs and find one that will physically fit. This of course does not mean it will acoustically or electronically fit.... Read More »

What is sub woofer?

A subwoofer is a speaker that is designed to play the lowest bass frequencies.A powered subwoofer is a stand-alone speaker system that has a built-in amplifier and a woofer driver in an enclosed wo... Read More »

What is a woofer?

Woofer is an acoustic mechanism used for producing low frequency sound signals, which are helpful in driving the output sound originating from loudspeakers. In a typical sound system, woofers play ... Read More »

How to Build a Sub-Woofer Box?

With the exception of some specially designed free air subwoofers, a subwoofer cannot operate properly without being mounted in an appropriately sized and tightly sealed box. While car audio shops ... Read More »