How to Make a White Streak in Your Hair?

Answer Whether you're dressing up your hair for a Halloween costume or you just want to make an interesting change to your hair, making a white streak in your hair is a fun way to do something different. ... Read More »

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How to Dye a Streak of White in Your Hair?

Whether it is for a Halloween party, or you are making a fashion statement, dyeing a white streak in the hair can be quite striking. The darker your hair, the more difficult it is to create a brigh... Read More »

How to Remove an Orange Streak in White Hair?

There are two ways that a person with white hair can gather an orange streak through the hair. One way is by improperly dying the hair without first bleaching it. The other way that orange streaks ... Read More »

How to Put a Streak of Color in Your Hair?

Do you want to express yourself in a permanent way? Are you too young to get a piercing? A streak of color in your hair is the perfect thing to do!

How to Streak Your Hair With Kool-Aid?

Kool-Aid is not only a tasty drink mix, it can be used to make a colorful fashion statement. The powder comes in an array of flavors that can add bold, but temporary, color to sections of your hair... Read More »