How to Make a Washboard Clock?

Answer The introduction of battery-operated quartz clock movements has provided hobbyists with the opportunity to create clocks in a wide variety of designs. One such design is a washboard clock that not ... Read More »

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How to Make a Home Clock from a Car Clock and Milk Carton?

Do you have a car clock that works in a car that doesn't? Maybe you just have tons of car clocks. Here's a great little addition to your home.

What Causes Washboard Roads?

Many of us have driven in remote or rural areas and hit a stretch of washboard on unpaved roads. You feel the jarring and hear rattles as you thump down the road hitting one bump after another. Was... Read More »

So how long until i get my washboard stomach back ?

I'd take it easy for a while. Start in 2 months and you'll be in a bikini in no time.

How to change WINDOWS 7 computer clock from 24 hour clock to 12 hour clock?

Control Panel --> Region and LanguageBig H is used for 24 hour. HH for 2 digits.Little h for 12 hour. hh for 2 digits.