How to Make a Wallet From Chip Wrappers?

Answer Make your own wallet from a recycled potato chip wrapper for an individualized accessory. You can use other types of snack bags such as those for pretzels and cookies as well. The bags are plastici... Read More »

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How to Make a Starburst Wallet but of Wrappers?

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How to Make a Starburst Wallet Out of Wrappers?

If you'd like to make a wallet out of Starburst wrappers, here is how.

Is gyoza wrappers the same as potsticker wrappers?

Gyoza is the Japanese word for the Chinese dish commonly called potstickers. The dish is identical, other than the name, so potsticker wrappers ARE gyoza wrappers.

Can i make egg roll wrappers without the egg?

If you don't use egg, remember to add cornstarch to it otherwise your wrapper will split easily. Then you will not be making egg roll wrapper but rice paper wrapper which you use rice flour, corn s... Read More »