How to Make a Volcano for the Third Grade?

Answer Third-graders who are discovering volcanoes as part of a natural science lesson will benefit from building a volcano. This project uses common household ingredients to create an eruption suitable f... Read More »

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Volcano Projects for Grade School?

The study of volcanoes in grade school introduces students to the Earth's geothermal properties. Creating a model volcano helps students understand the structure of a real volcano, and the eruption... Read More »

Volcano Project for Kids in 4th Grade?

Volcanoes are created when molten rock is released because of a build-up of pressure from the Earth's shifting tectonic plates. These tectonic plates are part of a theory that the Earth's outermost... Read More »

How to Make a Volcano?

An easy way to make a volcanic eruption. Great for a home science experiment or school project! Some of this you don't need like this dirt.

How to Make an Air-dry Volcano?

When studying about plate tectonics and the different aspects of Earth's geology, creating a project that is related to the topic makes your studies more interesting and interactive. For example, b... Read More »