How to Make a Volcano for the Third Grade?

Answer Third-graders who are discovering volcanoes as part of a natural science lesson will benefit from building a volcano. This project uses common household ingredients to create an eruption suitable f... Read More »

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How to Make a Storyboard for Third Grade?

A storyboard is a visual representation of the events of a story. Using pictures to represent stories is a tradition that dates back to ancient times such as in the examples of cave drawings or Egy... Read More »

How Do I Make a Connections Lesson in the Third Grade?

Third-grade students learn about an unfamiliar topic more easily when they can connect with something they already know or have experienced. Teachers can use graphic organizers to help third-grader... Read More »

How to Make an Ocean Diorama for the Third Grade?

A potential project when studying the ocean in elementary school is to make a diorama depicting an ocean scene. Third-grade students should be able to research the ocean, select some plants and sea... Read More »

How to Make a Free Printable Booklet for the Third Grade?

Printable booklets are a quick and easy way to give students consumable materials on a variety of subjects. Using a printable booklet, you can create mini-books or reference materials that the stud... Read More »