How to Make a Vase out of a Plastic Bottle?

Answer While this creation looks like a delicate glass or crystal vase, it is unbreakable and can still be recycled later if desired!

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How to Make an Imitation Ice Vase from a Plastic Bottle?

This amazing piece of recycled craftwork will result in a vase that looks just like a chunk of ice. Place it near a window to amaze your friends who will wonder why that block of ice isn't melting!

How much oil does it take to make a plastic bottle?

Fossil fuels and energy are required to manufacture and transport plastic bottles to their destination. Taking both of these factors into account, the Pacific Institute in 2006 estimated that the a... Read More »

What can you make out of a plastic bottle?

There are numerous things that can be made from a plastic bottle, specifically 2-liter soda bottles. But in some cases smaller water or soda bottles can be used to make crafts or items you can use ... Read More »

How to Make the Cap Fly off a Plastic Bottle?

Learn how to create a bottle rocket, but using only a plastic water bottle that you probably have in your own home.