How to Make a VHF Television Antenna?

Answer If you need to replace your TV antenna, you can purchase one, but it will cost you. Making your own antenna not only saves you money but also gives you a fun project to work on. The process is inex... Read More »

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Do you need an antenna for a digital television?

You will need a antenna if you don't have cable or Satellite.

How do I install a television antenna?

Choose the Highest Part of Your RoofCheck the guidelines in your area. You cannot install a television antenna on any historic buildings or landmarks, and your antenna mast must not be more than 12... Read More »

How to Build an Indoor Television Antenna?

A digital antenna does not exhibit any of the problems found in analog antennas--a digital signal either works or does not work when introduced into a digital television. Building an indoor digital... Read More »

How to Install a Television Antenna Cable?

Television antennas connect to the tuner on a standard TV by way of a cable. This cable transmits both audio and video signals that are received by the antenna directly into your television's tuner... Read More »