How to Make a Triangle Symbol?

Answer The triangle symbol is easy enough to make on paper, as it only consists of three lines, but it's also simple to create on the computer, thanks to the "Alt" key and number pad. Almost all word proc... Read More »

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How do I make a copyright symbol (the c inside a circle) and the trademark (r inside the circle) symbol?

The © symbol is 0169 (try holding the Alt key and typing 0169). The ® symbol is 0174 (try holding the Alt key and typing 0174).

How to Make a Triangle in Java?

Java is a computer programming language designed to allow software programmers to write a program once and run it on multiple operating systems without changing the code. This flexibility has made ... Read More »

How to Make a Sierpinski Triangle?

Sierpinski tetrahedronThe Sierpinski triangle was named after its inventor, the Polish mathematician Sierpinski. This intriguing design consists entirely of simple equilateral triangles. Here's how... Read More »